Bantastic Mi

Vietnamese fusion street food with a modern twist


Rumble Special Hangover Cure Banh Mi bacon and egg fusion Viet baguette $12

Step 1: choose from – Viet baguette $12 or 2 soft tacos (GF) $13 or 2 sliders $13 or fresh salad (V) $9

Step 2: pick fillings

PIGNIC: Lemongrass grilled pork cooked in special tomato sauce

MOOTASTIC: Chinese 5 spice slow cooked beef (GF)

CHOOK ME OUT: Teriyaki Chicken

MAGIC SHROOM: Soy sauce mushroom (VG)

Soft Drinks, Water $2.50 Coconut water cans $2.50 F: /BantasticMi I: @bantasticmi